Sunshine velvet general drift caoliu 1024, like a burst of light and pale golden light wind, unwittingly covered mountain peaks and wide outside the earth . A leaf leaves branches crashed Qing Xiang, a moment without a trace. A drop of water falling into the creek ,caoliu 1024 creek across the river , the river into the sea , it is only so A grown up without a trace .At the moment I saw the mountain yellow leaves , warm deep yellow , soft breathing , clean taste, slowly merged into a river , a lake , then into the sea . Ling Ling caoliu spring , invigorating spray , waves agitated . So abundant time , so that all the leaves continue to grow silent . Xiao Xiao Lamu boundless , endless rolling to the Yangtze River . I suddenly understood Du want to say caoliu 1024. Deciduous through downtown and all modifications , arrived original purpose of life . I want to say ,caoliu is a deciduous mountain hometown